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Robert Plant - Moonlight In Samosa

Time and again I see you walking down the street
over and over just like before
once in awhile you stop and say hello to me
just like you used to before,
time and again, it's like we were in love and then
over and over nobody keeping score
once in a while I think you noticed when I smile,
that love still lingers in my eyes
It can't go wrong, it can't go wrong, it lingers on, it lingers on
Day after day I turn it over in my mind, dream after dream it's hard
to tell you how I find, out of the blue I'm suddenly so close to you
despite the years that I've been gone
Will you stop will you wait a minute please remember, can you stop,
Can you just give me, one minute to explain
I will not cause a fuss, I will not rock it,
believe me darling, oh what is what was it's all the same

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