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Robin Thicke - Meiple

feat. Jay-Z

[Robin Thicke:]
I like to play cheek to cheek,
2 kids in the sandbox baby,
You remind me of St Tropez,
Sandy beaches, yachts yeh and champagne,
Tuxedos and Jet Ski's babe,
I leave you down at the... babe,
And baby when we dream, when we dream,
When we dream, we be dreaming in French baby,

[Chorus: x2]
I'm a treat ya like a lady
You will be my pretty baby,
We can spend all my money baby,
Cheek to cheek girl, me I play (meiple)

I know you wanna,
I know you wanna,
I know you wanna,
Hold up,

No Habla Ingle,
Cause me I play,
St Tropez down in,..
Yacht docked not far away,
Black Brigitte Bardot Beyonce,
Avantgarde, love on tux [? ],
Call me Picasso, I'm art on yachts,
Pardon me, oui, in Paris,
Champagne spilling out of my oui oui (wee wee),
Pardon my French, the je ne sais quoi got me on cloud 9,
We finna take off, Paris was a tease now we in the Maldives,
Sipping Blanco smoking on tea leaves,
Isn't this great, strawberry Crepes,
Down in Capri in the Grotto we play,
Up next Sardinia, me and little Tina,
Turn up, tell me have you seen us,


I know you wanna,
I know you wanna,
I know you wanna,

[Robin Thicke:]
Me I play, I take you to the lead brasserie,
We take a show at the crazy horse,
Then got nothing on you
Because like the Eiffel Tower
You can take me to the highest babe,
Like a lady, I take you shopping at Chanel babe,
Afternoon tea for two at the Ritz babe,
My lady don't lift things, open doors, stand alone,
Not when she with me baby,


You remind me of Monaco babe,
Mt Blanc princess Grace babe,
... chips in Monte Carlo babe,
Be my million dollar baby,
By the end of the trip you be a Billion dollar lady,
Wrap you up babe, in... rose babe,
French country side... babe,
I can pay for acting lessons,
You become a movie star make more than me babe,


Uh ha
That's right
Uh ha
That's right

I know you wanna
I know you wanna
I know you wanna
I know you wanna

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