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Rock City - Something New

I got a new attitude
I got a new outlook on life
I can't explain the reason I'm feeling what I'm feeling baby
Out with the old in with the new
I think that's what I should do
With this new opportunity, you know that I'm gonna take it

One step at a time
Cause that's... gotta be forever
Why would I waste my time
On a short term offer of late night pleasure
I ain't even gonna lie
Ready for me and someone to be together
Mr and Miss gotta be right

It's just way too much for me to hold in
If I don't let this out I'm gon' explode and
Wish that someone could see those things I see
Oh baby baby
I wish someone could get closer
Finally find the courage to make his way over
Cause I think it's 'bout that time for me
To find someone new
Find somebody new
Find somebody new
It's time for me to find someone new
Find somebody new
Find someone new
Is that time for me

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