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Rock - Rock Ridah

I'm out west west coast in it
Sipping through the mountains smoking up the... five
Getting to some thousands
Jeff to death... and... sipping, trying not to drop a...
Back home I should of had you in the system
... sun light, this is New York, rock you tripping
My bad all game no pay not west but welcome to the good life anywhere I guess
... west, fuck it, I'm trying to turn some change into checks my niggers,.. blocks money
So niggers can't see rock money I'm not guilty but I do pop money
See that, hope the case can fuck a rat nigger mind
Have a nigger afraid to tell you he's a rider
But that ain't about what I am that's about something I did not do
Right I did not shoot you
Streets talk,.. niggers was masked up, he's screaming rockin them niggers got at you
You fat fuck, niggers stay on some fast... I guess I'm not the only rider get violated
But I can't say shit,.. I'm on vacation, hitting switches on you bitches high on some grape shit
A lot of niggers see the world too if not
You could see it through the eyes of a fellow dude
Imagine... bad bitches, armed... gangs and every connect you gonna be
Beaches, great weather, except that bay area chill
The world like California loves shit is real
Rap dudes,.. you know I'm a rider, really you should rock with me
... top with me, I know I'm filthy but I'm not guilty, but I'm not guilty.

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