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Rockie Fresh - Doesn't Matter

From the top of the first page
To the end of the last day
From the start in your own way
You just want somebody listening to what you say
It doesn't matter who you are

From the bottom to the top floor
And I'm tryin to make it further
See I can smell with money
And I'm have it with that [?]
Doing shit you've never heard of
Taking my sit to a different place
You niggas did this shit but for
But it's about time for a change your face
I'm going up of my eyes low
Why can [?] this smoke [?]
Told e mi would do it but they thought that I was joking
And I'm on, and I ain't listening to what you say nigga
You are hater you ain't even talk to me
They thought that I have chosen
[?] down it I know how to handle that money
So because I'll be around it
And a nigga is so fucking fly
Btu somehow I'm still grounded
Bitch is coming to my crib and now you nigga pounded
Yeah I do that
Flow so mama still bad
Put the arrow in your heart like [?]
[?] fly your music and I'm moving up
So I ain't listening in what you say
You hater you don't even talk to me
Even [?] mother fucking track list
But you handle in the [?] rap shit
Took the [?] fucking [?]
I took the money [?]
I lost my mind but find some hope
[?] the game design [?]
Don't be mad at me 'cause I got [?]
My situation made it the best
All the whacks that I [?] to rest
New [?] make tease got ngga fresh
Till my money coming out to the top [?] is down
And I ain't listening to what you say nigga
You are hater don't even talk to me

Is there anybody out there who is lost and hurt and lonely too
Are they bleeding all your colors into one?
And if you come undone as if you've been run through
Some catapult, it fired you, you wonder if your chance will ever come
Or if you're stuck in square one

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