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Rockie Fresh - Living

feat. Naledge & Phil Ade

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
(I said it's Rockie checking in
You know I'm going for the win)
I said what is Rockie doing, ya'll people shouldn't try it
It's only one I (eye) like a pirate
And I ain't even tripping 'bout the music people pirate
Cause I know when I drop my shit everybody gon' buy it
Why? Because they like it, yup, yup, they love it, they admire it
Wish a nigga would so I'd have more to start my fire with
Never trust these hoes, cause they try to put me out
Going on what they assuming, don't know what they talking 'bout
But through it all, I still get labeled as the hot shit
Discussions, I'm the topic, draft, I'll be the top pick
They love the way I rock it, pieces to my quarry
Everybody want me booked, so I guess they feel my story
I be on top shortly, I'm busy making moves
And the only time I fail, is when I fail to lose
And the time and the money is the thing I've been giving
And now, the finer things are what I'm getting so...

This is the life that we living
Good drinks, good weed, good women
I'm on my shit
And I'm a live my whole life like this [x2]

So get your hand up, get 'em high
Get your drinks up, to the sky
I'm on my shit
And I'm a live my whole life like this [x2]

[Verse 2: Naledge]
(Let's go I'll)
Came on the scene, like King with a dream
Mike lean, I'm a fiend, no need to intervene
Live life by seams, seems any means
For the cream, I spit sixteens that'll beam
Unassumingly assuming the position
Of leading those out here living in the hellish of conditions
Love unconditional, though the haters visible
Visibly rise like DeRozan with the lyrical
Only fear God in the physical
I'm a raise hell till heaven is my spiritual
I'm a rap star, look mom it's a miracle
Shit, back in high school I was just invisible
Told Rockie Fresh, man, this life ain't typical
If you built for it, keep it tight, never let the stress get to you
I see he living it, and see we glistening
We at the JBar, now we just sipping and uh...


[Verse 3: Phil Ade]
(Phil Ade, check me out)
Awww shit, here we go again
Another day, another flight, another show, another night
Crowd's waiting, taking pictures with your mother or your wife
My career is on a roll, man I'm something on that bike
And can't nothing get me down, everything is looking up
Some want me to give it up but I can only give a fuck
I can only live it up, roll up, and hit this blunt
With patron in my cup, a couple hoes in the truck
Back this up, you would think I'd be least likely to floss
Now the pretty girls waving like the Vikings did to Moss
Getting buffalo bills at how it's spitting for the bison
Now all them niggas know my flow retarded, 50 Tyson
Should be wrong how everything going right for son
I'm getting shine, yea my style had to bite the sun
A nice dude, but I've learned you gotta fight for some
I earned the right to live the life of one, word


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