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Rockie Fresh - Time

[Intro: Mr. Hudson]
Time is all I feel
It's why I just keep running
The quest for love was all that you and I held dear
With the beat still in your head
And the Good Book by your bed
We will survive

[Hook: Mr. Hudson]
Are we gonna wake up
A little bit older
Are we outta time, time, time
I know that
Should we ever break up
We'll find a way to make up
In the fullness of time, time, time

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Man I'm so ahead of my time, through my passion I am the future
I was able to get shine without having to see a jeweler
And I never really pictured me being the pick-and-choosers
But I'm who they wanna hang with like my name was Mr. Koopa
And through the shakers and movers, I'm now producing my best shit
View me like the Zohan, I'm not the nigga to mess with
Look at all the time and the money that was invested
And now in return the good life is what I'm blessed with
But since I got that blessing, I really don't have the time to waste
Never take a day off until the day I win the race
The moment that you do could be the moment that you get replaced
So to my old friends, this is why you rarely see my face
But if I don't make there'll never be an excuse for me
Besides the simple fact that it really just wasn't meant to be
It's affecting me mentally, taking off on this runway
Praying that we meet again one day, and I hope that...


[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
All I needed was time, to find out where I was meant to go
It's easy to get lost in a place you never been before
And I admit the change of scene may have caused a change in me
Wish would cause some glitches in the man that I have grown to be
I'm sorry, I guess I was just so caught up on winning
That I lost many people who were here from the beginning
And the time I took to break it, took much longer to fix it
But many of ya'll forgave me and remained to stay committed
I miss it because that life without you I am starting to know now
I'm always on the road and this life is getting so wild
Camera men are lunatics, everywhere that I go now
I'm just trying to cover up my face, like slow down
But somehow, came a long way from where I stood in
No I'm not from Cuba but this is what I'm good in
My life's a instrument but I won't blow it like a woodwind
And I made it happen but now without my family and...

[Bridge: Mr. Hudson (Rockie Fresh)]
Good friends (never easy to find)
You can count them on one hand (they come to you over time)
And they'll never judge you (yeah)
Whatever your crime, crime, crime
I know that (I know that they won't forget us)
I could include you (their spirits are always with us)
And to forgive me (yeah)
In the fullness of time, time, time
Tell me where'd you wanna be (now at this special time in my life)
When all your friends have settled down (I've been blessed with alotta good people)
In the suburbs on the greener side of town


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