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Rod Stewart - Can I Get A Witness?

(Holland, Dozier, Holland)
with Steampacket
[produced by Giorgio Gomelsky, 1965]

Listen everybody, especially you girls
Do you liked to be left alone
by the one you love, never phone
I love to holler
My friends sometimes say
that I believe, I believe
that a woman should love that way
Well it hurts me so inside
Ya' see I treat you so unkind
Somebody somewhere
I tell ya it ain't fair

Can I get a witness
Can I get a witness
I want a witness
I want a witness
Witness, witness
Somebody somewhere
Well all you ... agree
Said this ain't the way love's supposed to be
Let me hear ya
Let me hear ya say yeah
I want a witness
Get a witness
I feel all right
One more time
Just a one more time

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