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Rod Stewart - Fool For You

(Rod Stewart)
By the time you read this letter
I'll be outta your life
Gone forever more
But guess I'll survive
I'm gonna leave my records
And a forwarding address
Ain't you glad honey
That I'm offa your chest

You said you wanted Paris
Rome 'n' St. Tropez
Perfume by Chanel
And a ring by Cartier
But I gave you headaches
With my old fashioned ways
But that's all irrelevant
To what I'm tryin' to say
I'm a fool for you baby
Pride won't let me stay
I'm a fool for you honey
and I'll come back any day
Guess I'll always love you all my life

You can keep your Streisands
Bardots and Lorens
You're my everything
But now you're my end
It may be over
But just before I go
I can make a new start
But I can't mend a broken heart

So when I read about you
In all the national press
On the arm of so and so
I may get depressed
Cause I tried to love you

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