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Rod Stewart - Let Me Be Your Car

(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
I may not seem your ideal
when you look into my eyes
I don't smoke, I don't tell jokes
I'm not the custom made size
But baby let me take you
out on the highway for awhile
I'll show you where the man in me
is when he doesn't hide
He's cruisin' in the fast lane
stuck behind the wheel
Jekyll and Hyde going on inside
when I'm your automobile

And let me be your car for awhile child
shift me into gear and I'll be there
fill me up with five star gasoline
I'll be your car I'll take you anywhere

Don't you know I can't dance
I don't dig it, I can't see it at all
You say I'm just a specimen
and baby I can crawl
My physique just don't look

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