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Rod Stewart - Sonny

(Rod Stewart, Jim Cregan, Bernie Taupin & Kevin Savigar)
Sonny, I've been missing you tonight,
Sonny, something deep inside me has died.
I gave up the purest love
a woman could give to a man.
Ev'rything I ever had
has slipped right through my hands

'cause she walks like you,
she talks like you,
she feels like you,
but she ain't you,
she smiles like you,
cries like you,
denies like you,
but she'll never be you.

Sonny, she don't move me anymore,
Sonny, I've never hurt this way before.
She's trying hard to replace you
but there's something she'll never know.
She can borrow all your style
but she'll never possess your soul

'cause she acts like you,
attacks like you,
she cracks like you,
but she ain't you,
she needs like you,
pleads like you,
feels like you,
but she'll never be you.

I'm down on my knees
Sonny won't you come back, come back,
come back to me please.

Someday, we'll hide the pain away, and
Sonny, I know that ... that we can laugh again.
I should have known and had more sense
sinking to a childish pride.
All I got was your looking glass
without your heart in side

'cause she craves like you,
behaves like you,
and lays like you,
but she ain't you,
she plays like you,
prays like you,
does ev'rything like you,

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