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Rodney - Make A Movie

feat. Flo-Rida

[Verse 1: Rodney]
Let's turn the lights down
It's all on u
Let's get a little personal
It's just us 2
Girl gaze into my camera
It's your audition I'm no amateur
See I'm the director to make u a star
South Beach, Hollywood they know who u r (girl)
Without direction you'll never get far
I need u, u need me
Baby girl

[Chorus: Rodney]
Let's make a movie [x2]

[Verse 2: Rodney]
U can sit and think
While u have a drink
I'm over here
[? ]
Your the best girl I have that'll go straight 2 the top
She was just like u
A little nervous too
When I said action she lost all control
Gave me a look and she took off her clothes
I could do the same
Same thing 4 u
I need u
U need me

[Chorus: Rodney]
Let's make a movie [x2]

[Verse 3: Flo-Rida]
Baa baa black she had a little lamb
I had a girl dat was thick like yam
Booty so big it'll make u say DAMN (damn)
I got to put her on film
Scoop out the projects
[? ]
Live with her momma and she only got 1 kid
I can make u a star
We can shoot a scene at the back of the car
Ankle on the dashboard
I record
[? ]
Over and over never get bored
Halle Barry status on my honda accord
(Yeah) U on the right track
Blowin weed fresh
Don't look back
All the other girls don't know how to act
[? ]

Your the best girl I have that'll go straight to the top

[Chorus: Rodney]
Let's make a movie [x2]

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