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Roger Miller - Precious Baby

I'd try for you, die for you
My number one desire is you
Your mama must be elegant
Your papa should be president

I never thought that I would say
The things that I told you today
But I meant every word, love I don't mean maybe
'Cos I like you and I need you and I want you
Precious baby

Me, I'm arrogant, I talk too much
And I know I don't deserve your touch
When God made you he made something
To tantalise the inside of me
Precious baby

Whoever said no love is lost must have been mistaken 'cos
Lord there's precious little love around
But if I had your love, love I'd take your lovely face
I'd show it off all over town

And then I'd live for you, and when day was through
That's when I'd hurry home to you
And meet you in the hall, now that's more than halfway
And I'd hold you every night and I'd call you every day
Precious baby

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