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Roll Deep - Do Me Wrong

feat. Janee

[Roll Deep:]
"Get ya' shoes get ready let's go out
Grab ma' keys I'm ready let's fly out
Oi babe shut the door 'cause tonights your lucky
I'm a show you how I do the damn thing it's the weekend
So I fling on a couple new garms
Ring up a couple of my dogs"

"I got some desil in my truck and so I'm ready to roll
I got my dollas in my purse and this I already know
'cause I've been workin 9 to 5 and searchin deep in my soul
'cause my happyness is in my control.

Put some meaning and a purpose mix it up a bowel
And you can get it if you want it if you focus control
And if it's lovin' that you need or some paper to blow
Don't be waitin' on a man like before"

[Roll Deep:]
"Yo, look, yep were doin it yep yep were doin it
I'm so into your vibe I'm introducing it
You see my style is so smooth init
Well you could have it it's yours it's all you in it
Hold the door to init yeah yeah I'm doin it
Uncle L L do it so well init
I'll sweep you off your feet
I see you round here all day like a...
Straight into the best busy girl what you like busy boy understand rude girl busy life
Numbers are nice tho see me b' light I ease in the thighs
And ease up behind money in the bank tank says full up
Now we can take mine or yours now just pull up
Can you pull hood up I'm guessin' you couldn't"

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