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Roll Deep - Good Girl

feat. J2k

Boy, I Had A Good Girl But Im A Bad Boy
I Noticed All The Qualities When It Was Too Late
My Names Too Bate
And People Chat My Name
I Couldn
It Was Bate So She Bound To Find Out
I Had The Right Gal
U Know When U Can Know
She Had A Nice Heart And She Had A Nice Smell
When I Lay Down With This Girl She Helped Me Sleep Well
She Wouldn
But Im A Prick I Slipped Up
Played The Game And Tripped Up
Know It Wasn
Im Afraid It Messed My Life Up
I Was Always Paranoid Thinking She Was Slippin Up
Stop, Get A Grip Boy, You Was The One Who Was Slippin Up
If You Go Astray One Day She Will Go Astray
Its Up To You Split Decision Now
You Just Make Your Mind Up, It
She's Got Boys Who Like Her They Are Lining Up
Right Now She Is Yours, Are You Prepared To Give Her Up
Just Think About It

You Never Realise Until You See It Go
Don't Miss It Till Its Gone
If You Got One Then Hold On (Why?)
You Had A Good Girl
You Got A Good Girl
Boi, You Had A Good Girl

She Was My Good Girl Till It Went Bad
Yo We Lost Everything We Had
I Had To Let Her Go Her Own Way
Talks Got 'bout Dat You've Been Cheating With Him
Go Ahead Girl Just Be With Him
I Know That I Broke Your Heart So Many Times
But It
I Can
It Can
We Broke The Sacred Bond Creative From The Start
But Now I
I Was So Into You
We Made The Item Couple, Perfect Pictures In Royal Blue
Well That You, Took Me In And Made Me Hold My Space
You Stood By Me In Thick And Thin And Didn
Now Im Standing I Took You For Granted
Now I See How Much Your Really Wanted But Its Too Late
Coz You Gone Bad But Its All Good
This Relationship Will Never Be What It Cud

[Chorus x2]

I Loved To Make You Sing
I Loved It When You Say
I Would Even Have You Live With Me
Cook For Me
I Love It When You Sing
When You Hold Me Close I Know We
Coz Most Boys Don
I Like You Personality
When I Look At You, An Angel The Person That I See
I Like You Smile, Your Dress Sense, Your Style
Your Just A Good Girl That

[Chorus x2]

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