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Roll Deep - People Don't Know

feat. Donae'o

Oohooh Ooooh Ooh Oohooh Oohooh
Do It How We Do It, (How We Do It How We Flow)
Eski Boi!
Confident With The Flow!

Im Coming From A Place Where Nobody Obeys The Law,
Street Law Aint The Same As Real Police Laws,
I Wanna Know What You're Stopping Me For, Really.
It Aint 'cos I've Run Out Of Tax, Search The Car,
U Won't Find What You're Looking For,
I Ain't Got Drugs And I Aint Got A Gat In My Car,
There's A Baseball Bat In My Car,
But I Use That To Play Baseball Or I Play Rounders,
Who Made Guns, You Are The Founders,
The Level Of Gun Crime Is Going Bonkers,
The Ammount Of Drugs On The Street Is Beyond Us,
Them Politicians Blame Us,
Them Politicians, They Don't Like Us,
They Wanna See Us Self Destruct, But,
Some Of Us Are Too Smart To Be Taken Apart,
And The Strength, Light Blinks,
Theres A Fire In My Heart Listen Up, 'cos..

[Chorus: X2]
5-0's Acting Like People Don't Know,
The Governments Acting Like People Don't Know,
To Me It Seems Like They Don't Know,
Where We're Coming From

See I Knew A Girl Back In The Day,
Never Had A Penny To Her Name,
Almost Worked Two Jobs, Just To Raise Her Kids,

See The House That She Was Living At,
See It Wasn't That Appropriate,
To Cut A Long Story Short,
They Took Her Kids Away..
Oh What A Shame

[Chorus X2]

[Br Double:]
I'm A Coming Up,
Menace To Society,
Me, Br-Double From The Lost Society,
No Morals, Let Alone Priorities,
Mad Brother, He Pays The Largest Majority,
It's My Porogative, Gotta Think Positive,
Cos Everything Around Me's Negative,
Know What I Roll With, And Who I Roll With,
You Can Never Live Where I Live,

I'm Lost, I'm Wearing A Matrix Top,
Politics, Im Play Tricks
Let's Take It All Back To Basics
No Mortgage, Just A Few Bricks And Mortar
I Still Keep My Head Above The Water,
Drowned If I Was A Half Foot Shorter,
So Let Me Tell You Where Im Coming From,
Where The Boogie Man's The Only Man Im Running From.

[Chorus Xs2]

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