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Roll Deep - Remember The Days

[Verse 1:]
Back In The Day When I Was A Teenager,
Me Jet N Joe Used To Play With Danger
I Remember When Danny Mo'catee Was A Stranger
Boiz In Bitteez Used To Shot With A Pager
Gods Gift Was Pepsi And Milk Were'nt Major
I Was On Front Line Before I Used The Big Razor
I Was A Raver Cocky Little Fader
Now I Feel Blue Lights Solid Gone Savour
I Got Fun, Feelings Good And Bad Memories
Times Moved On But I Got The Same Enemies
Goin All Out To A Snitch Ad 2 Tell A Me
That Was In The Past Now I Spit Like Venomy
Change What Ya Like But The Bad Name Stays
Lifes To Short To Be Setting Your Ways
Whatever Happened To The Good Old Days?
Those Care Free Days I Remember The Days!

I Remember When We Were Young
Your Askin To Touch U Nooooo U Nooooo
Memories In Life In Time My Life Was On The Line
Iv Grooooown I Grooooown ... Yeeeee Ye Yeee

[Verse 2:]
I Remember The Days I Used To Be On The Street
And No .. We Cant Still Survive On The Street
U Wanted To No .. So Im Telling You That Life On The
Street Can Be An Eye-Opener, Im Watching Doors
Open Up. Before None Of This Seemd Possible Everything
Was Impossible Didnt Stop I Was Flexible With The Hours
And Now Im Flexible With The Powers Im Strong Minded
Some Are Empty Minded Troops Get Divided
They Started Off As Friends And Then They Collided
I Started Off At Home But Now We're Seperated U See
The Loving That We Both Appreciated It. Before I
Remember When I Couldnt Leave This Chick, I Used
To Cheat N Ting, Make Hesky Beat N Ting,
Go Home N Ave A Arguement Creating Heat N Ting!
And Then Im Off Again Im Tryin'a Leave The Past Behind
Me, I Wanna Live In A Place Where Nobody Can Find


[Verse 3:]
I Remember Dem Dayz When I Was Coming Up
Little Kid On The Rise With The Heiness In D Eyez
No Surprise Dat Us Kids Were Searchin For Sutin More
The Different Music Dat We Be Sellin' In Every Store
Back Den The Days Were Diffrent The Blocks Were Dark
And Evil! Ma Line Ejak The Sequal But Das D Uk
Version! .. Hargon Was Needed To Survive On The Streetz!
Ya Had 2 Stay Above The Water 2 B Runnin Wit Ya Lete!
School Told Me To Hustle N Hustle Dat Was The Code!
The Education And Stuff Had To Be Put On Hold!
U Could Find Me In The Smokers Corner Flippin Some Coins
Or Find Me In The Cafeteria Gettin Double Serloins!
I Was A Little Balla Balla Shud've Gone All The Way!
Wasnt Dedicated, Loose Canon Led Me Astray!
In Ma First Move From A Little Mini Coopey
No Lay Lay Coming Bak Yer Bak In The Day!


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