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Roll Deep - Wickedest Ting

Me and my crew, we're the wickedest ting
New talk on road, the wickedest ting
The weed that we smoke, the wickedest ting
Gal dem know it's, the wickedest ting
Nike boot to your flex, the wickedest ting
Big money man' earn, the wickedest ting
Them boys aren't ready for, the wickedest ting
It's no long ting, the wickedest ting

First thing's first
(Experse) reverse
Thinking that my tongue will make your ear drums burst
Had a little problem and it needs to be nursed
And I'm panicking cause it's getting worse
It's my saliva that'll harm the cross fader
One for the treble that'll burn through the middle
And hooks you spike tight like a book minder
Coming from the x-files h-friers
And it's been going on for a while
Running like snot but it sticks like honey
Ya'll think it's funny
People think it's worth a lot of money
So I give an sample to scully and mulder
Gotta write it up in a little black folder
FBI wanna rub my shoulder
It's over... before it gets any colder
So I gotta say it's over


Everyday I'm gonna stay low like a shadow
Forget everybody now I'm going on narrow
See me fly like a sparrow
Sharp like an arrow
Lyrics like mellow
Make them boy parrow
And they wanna come pile with me
But I don't wanna know
I ain't been on road for six months I got an afro
Now I gotta get a hair cane roll
You didn't know we're gonna hit em with the venomous flow
See me blaze
I'm cold on the streets of rage
Hit em up on the stage
Just turn the page
I'm a money maker (huh)
Ready for the dapper
Me and my crew we're gonna hit em with the slammer
Gonna take it to the neck
Better check out the lyrical vet
I'm a big mic man on the set
When I get cold you better know I'm gonna
Wreck the track
Hurt the track
I'm hot on the track


[Flo Dan:]
Them boys are to die
Ain't on no long ting no lie
No more mr.nice guy
Because them of thought man was a nice man
So them come take liberty of a big man
Them never know man was a smart man
Couple grand, that makes you a dead man
One phone call we send for the hit-man
People die and no names get mention
People get prang, flo dan too nang
Drive by shooting in a transit BANG BANG BANG
Sounds of the gunning from my hand
It was all over and the fat lady sang
Here another man with the mic in my hand
Every stageshow I ram
Don't give a damn
Them boys aren't ready for the big weed
Big jaw
Big boy this money man.


Alcoholics makes me vomit
And I'm gonna insert and my whole crew's on it.
Alaskin sess, Afghanistan sess, acaponic, skunk, white telesupersonic
Keys in the bonnet, car's looking new
Air conditioning inside it too
So I smoke the weed till dem eye's dem bleed
Don't think my luv is on twigs or seeds

I'm the original cause I'm a lyrical G
They no they don't wanna test cause they can never see me
I won't do a thing if you pay the fee
When I get drawn I'm gonna buzz like a bee
Gwarn them boy with a big lightning
It was a eight point six so it might been a dream
What, my gun's dirty time for a clean
And I keep the limit at about sixteen

[Flo Dan:]
(Haha) don't ever bring war my way
I know you don't wanna lose your life the same day
It's not the long ting it's not the lay lay
Somebody get bunned when flo dan start to spray
Bad one upon the riddem that we play
God knows that we write lyrics everyday
God knows that we eat food everyday
God knows that we smoke weed everyday
(Smoke that)


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