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Rollins Band - Neon

I want to touch your neon chemical
I want to make you need like an animal
the way you rip my head off your my main incinerator
kick the door down when you come
tear the roof of when you leave, yea

The scene
should be flashing as you reapper
slip into something dangerous
as something I can fear
lie and say you want then, lie and say you will
tell me all the stories how you love and how you kill, yea

Love me as you kill me
I want feel the torture
I want to see extinction

Will you smile when the shades get soaked
in blood when the saints come crashing in
could you do some damage to the shape I'm in
ruin this ruin and go to the end, yea

Love me as you kill me
I want to see destruction
I want to feel extinction
Without you life is nothing
Without you life is mortal time
Without you I'm just standing here
Without you waiting to be alive

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