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Rollins Band - Wartime

Aww man, so little time, so much to deal with
It seems like everything passes me on, turns me off, messes me up, draws me in
Or just plain bums me out
I crack my head and I try to get over it
I stub my toes and I try to pass under it
My existence is like trying to breath in a big rock
I inhale and it hits me hard
I pay guys with guns to protect me from guys with guns
Some man in a suit is tellin' me to drop dead so i can live happily ever after
There's a guy in the mirror whose always in my face
Aw man, sometimes I think I'm goin' insane

BRIDGE: Don't lose your mind when you're running through a mine field
Don't stop rollin' when you're rolling on the real wheel
You've got a lot to lie right in the eye
And not be afraid to see too clearly
Makes no difference if it's night or day
Well take a look around and say...

CHORUS: It's Wartime (x4)

Yeah you know what I'm talkin' about man
That's exactly what I'm talkin' about
The most important thing is to maintain
Sometimes it's all you can do is just to maintain
Sometimes it's all you can do is go and put a gun to your brain
Sometimes it's all you can do just to maintain
Lookin' out on the streets seein' those screaming rats racin'
Runnin' wild like mindless idiots will run wild
I can't believe the groove they's use
Years, eyes cried, feelings, eyes lie
Talkin' bout changin' but remaining the same
Shameless, meanless, free from blame, man
It's enough to make you wanna do somethin' down right stupid
It's enough to make you wanna do somethin' down right sick


So now you know what the deal is
The time is wartime, wartime is here, it's all around you

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