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Rollins Band - Wrong Man

You say we're all the same. You don't even know my name.
Sometime somewhere someone wants hurt you and I'm one of them
So I take all the blame...
You think you know about me...
You don't know a damn thing about me!

I'm not all men X2 I'm just one man
I'm not that man!

Here's one subject that everyone enjoys.
I heard the boys talk the talk to the boys
I heard the girls say the same thing to the girls
Oh man... It's all the same, neither one's worse
Now-a. I didn't always tell the truth... but then again. neither did you!

I'm not all men X2 I'm just one man
I'm not that man!

Get away and leave me well alone,
take your damage and take it on back home
I'm not the blame for your misery, take your threats away from me
Take that damage and leave me all alone!

I won't try to patronize you...
and say. I know everything that you've been through...
You know... it just might be...
You got no problems with me!
I'm not a rapist in waiting, I'm not the one you should be hatin'
Check it out...

I'm not all men X2 I'm just one man
I'm not that man!

You take your fear and you pull it inside... It builds up and the rage
starts to rise...
You push it out and your anger is blind... and you see me as an enemy
That's not the way it oughta be... yeah...

Hey! Yeah!

Ooh... you generalize and tell me lies, like all I want's between your
All the things that I put you through and all the things that I might do

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