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Ron Browz - I Like

feat. Bobby Valentino

[Verse 1:]
Long as the sky is blue, I'll die for you
I'm being honest, I ain't gonna lie to you
I'm not spazzin, none of that apply to you
Push the truck just so you can drive the coop
And if I don't have you, then I don't wanna live
Trips to madrid going half on the kid
Reminiscing on everything that we did
She be right there if I gotta do it big
See we be deep in
I tell you that I miss you when ya be be in
I need you on my side ma to a stay in
And I'm a buy you pink ice till you freeze in
For the reason, anything you do, I'm a support you
You deserve everything that I bought you
New clothes shoes, just to sort through
Now lemme be the new guy you'll report to

In the morning I wanna see you
All your girlfriends, they wanna be you
Sexy little shawty, I'll never leave you
She's what I like
And I got her like ooo ooo ooo
Got her like ooo ooo ooo
Got her like ooo ooo ooo
She's what I like

[Verse 2:]
Uh, I just wanna get you, I don't wanna stress you
If you was a gang lil mama I'd rep you
Buy you nice things so you could feel special
With a smile that shine more than my neck do
When I wake up, I need that kiss
Besides her face, shorty got hips
Her hair drop nice, perfect lips
Even got my name tattooed on her wrist
Mami want affection blush when I'm textin'
Got me all sick, I need a injection
Cute beauty mark, hawaiian complexion
Let me do my thing, she don't be stressin
Shawty got love, and it go deep
Kiss her on the head, before she go to sleep
Spent about at least 10 grand on her feet
We can do it every week, it's my treat
Ya heard?


She hotter than a lighter, that's why I wife her
Pullin' all nighters, that's why I like her
Take her where she wanna, spend what she wanna
Give her what she wanna, cause she my woman
I'm never gonna leave her no, she's more than beautiful
Riding my whips, first class trips
She made a man like me slow down like this


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