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Ron - Why

The name of my little piece is umm, "Why"

I shot, three motherfuckers
that I didn't know why
I guess I just wanted to see somethin die
You see I bought this gun, for a few rocks
Just to get even, so I thought
with those shit-eatin cops
Holdin the cold blue steel in the palm of my hand
Not quite sixteen, yet totally a man
My only plan was money is MY hand
I wore: Felacci, Gucci, Nike's and Eddie B.
I was the COOLEST motherfucker in Southeast D.C.
School? What the fuck
That was a thing of the past
Gettin paid
School and all that other square shit could KISS MY ASS
Mad at my bun, toy with my gun
Tipped on over to my favorite poolroom just to have some fun
Rips, was at full blast
so I CHALKED up my cue ready to kick some ass
I played a few hours, beat all the old timers
and was about to go
Until three.. ONE, of three BAMA motherfuckers
stepped on my toe
A split second later, whip-bam it was on
The ass-kickin begun
I ducked a few pool balls
and eased out my gun
Rat-a-Tat-Tat and that was that
Three was whacked
Ten years later, as I sit here in my jail cell about to cry
I'm thinkin, "I shot three motherfuckers and I don't know why"

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