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Ronnie Spencer - Have Hope

feat. Noke D & Tyte Eyez

[Ronnie Spencer:]
You know, you got hope
Though, you make me dry
A candy coated Cadillac, that's what I drive
Rolling on 20's, screens falling from the back falling
You may not have, that mansion
Or that forty football rush, I know you want them
You may not have, expensive jewelry
Or that mink coat, it feels so fine
But the one thang, I know you have
That one thang, is hope I see you got hope

[Hook: Ronnie Spencer]
When a man's in the rough, help a brother up
Give a little love, you can't get enough ooh-ooooh
Never give up, when times get rough
Cause living in the streets, man you gotta be tough ooh-ooooh

[Noke D:]
See I'ma help a nigga out, that's the way I was raised
From the old school days, see we done turned the page
We ain't tripping no mo', cause see we all about the do'
You see us whipping in the Bentley, or a six double O
O Benz, me and my friends
Always share the ball, even when it's fourth and ten
I play the game to win, steady setting trends
We pray together, we gon stay together like we was first to kin
Man, it's going down
Gotta make a change, see that's all that's on my mind
Fuck being fine, gotta walk a straight line
Time after time, I'ma keep my mind on the grind I ain't lying

[Tyte Eyez:]
It was blood sweat and tears, I shed many for my peers
It was rough in the ghetto, for my people where I lived
I'm trying to get my family out the hood, I know that I will
A young nigga chasing dreams, show my skills to pay bills
I keep my faith in God, he gon make it happen
To get my brother that coupe my sister the Jag, my T that mansion
And to my G's on the block, we bout to switch it legal
I'm tried of seeing you boys, hustling in them hot ass Regals for real

[Ronnie Spencer:]
Now that I, paid my dues
Doors stay open, now it's choices to choose
Help my brother, so that he helps me
So when I stand tall, he stand next to me
And if I ever fall, he catches me
Together we gon ball, till I D-I-E
And if I ever fall, he catches me
Together we gon ball, till I D-I-E

[Hook x2]

[Ronnie Spencer:]
Gotta hold on, to what you got yeah
Oh I know you know I know, you gotta hold on
Even when this world is tough baby, everybody
I know yeah, you never-never-never-never
Never-never give up, hold on-hold on
Won't you hold on, hold on
Won't you hold on, hold on yeah

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