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Ronnie Spencer - Ridin' Fly

feat. D-Gotti

Ronnie and Gotti, at the party
And we're looking for some mami's
And we in a, big body
On some twenty inches, gliding
Noke and Salih, at the bar
Tyte Eyez, talking to a stallion
Reck and Dollar, just walked in
And Big Moe is on a gallon, we thoed

I turn her head to the back, on Dubs
Strut in the club, on-on and out of drugs
I'm a thug uh-huh, my words spoke clear
Ice poked in my ear, people looking over here
We ain't sipping on beer, my Sprite's spiked with punch
And might light a blunt, if the bouncers don't front
Homegirl, I'm giving the Shop game at the bar
And I know she know, I'm a star
Mami on, you ready to split
Take your partna's ride, me on Ronnie be in the whip
Believe it it's real, with some wheels to buy
The dugout now, know what I'm talking bout


We thoed, we thoed
Thoed in the game

[Ronnie Spencer]
Everybody riding fly
First class, in the Dirty South
We wrecking Shop tonight
You know, our hits are tight
Big Ron, gonna make it wet
V-12, moving like a jet
Soon as my flight touch down
You know I'm gonna clown

Crawl back on cutters, fin to flash jabos
To a girl do put your feet, on your mama's sofa
Mami hold up, hit the back with your friend
You're in the front seat in Lorenz, up in the wind
Chickens up in the Benz, I got visions to win
Soon as we get to the pad, the rules about to bend
Excuse me, could you please exit I'm through
Ronnie just two-way'd me baby, and he through too

[Ronnie Spencer]
Y'all cocked piece deuce, gator boots
Two scoops of crushed ice, line and locket
Trunk on glow, Southside fa sho
Rubber band wrapped notch, stuffed in my pocket
Jaws locked tight, it's Friday night
Ron-O, I'm bout to get expensive
Noke D Tahoe, candy syrup
So wet, it's Jason with the biscuits
Wrecking Vet, with china set
She fix it, right behind the label
Exotic, expensive clothes
With diamond karats, in her navel
We thoed, we thoed thoed in the game
Everybody riding fly, first class in the Dirty South
We wrecking Shop tonight, you know our hits are tight
Big Ron gonna make it wet, V-12 moving like a jet
Soon as my flight touch down, you know I'm gonna clown


We thoed, we thoed
Thoed in the game

Big Moe is drinking a gallon
We thoed, thoed in the game
Thoed in the game

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