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Roxy Music - All I Want Is You


Somebody told me
Just the other day
That you´re leaving me
We´re through
Well if you knew
How it hurt me so
Then you´d change your mind
I´m sure
Don´t want to hear
What´s going on
I don´t care
What´s new
Don´t want to know
About anything
'Cause all I want
Is you
Going out with other girls
Was always such a bore
But since I fell in love with you
I need you more and more
Don´t want to know
About one-night-stands
Cut-price souvenirs
All I want is
The real thing
And a night that lasts
For years.
If you ever change your mind
I´ve a certain cure
An old refrain, it lingers on
L´amour, toujours l´amour...

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