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Roxy Music - Do The Strand


There´s a new sensation
A fabulous creation
A danceable solution
To teenage revolution
Do the Strand love
When you feel love
It´s the new way
That´s why we say
Do the Strand
Do it on the tables
Quaglino´s place or Mabel´s
Slow and gentle
All styles served here
Louis Seize he prefer
Laissez-faire Le Strand
Tired of the tango
Fed up with fandango
Dance on moonbeams
Slide on rainbows
In furs or blue jeans
You know what I mean
Do the Strand

Had your fill of Quadrilles
The Madison and cheap thrills
Bored with the Beguine
The samba isn´t your scene
They´re playing our tune
By the pale moon
We´re incognito
Down the Lido
And we like the Strand
Arabs at oasis

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