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Roxy Music - Psalm


Try on your love
Like a new dress
The fit and the cut
Your friends to impress
Try on your smile -
Square on your face
Showing affection
Should be no disgrace
Try out your God
Hope He will send
Kindness from strangers
On whom you depend
Try on His coat
A mantle most fine
Myriad colours
His harmony-thine
Believe in me
Once seemed a good line
Now belief in Jesus
Is faith more sublime
Head in the clouds
But I can´t see the Lord
Short of perfection
I´ll try to be good
I´ll stand at His gate
I´ll wait for His sign
Then I´ll walk in His garden
When it´s my time
Drink from His cup
Hush now don´t you cry
His quiet waters
Will never, never run dry
Nearing death´s vale
He´s here by my side
He leads me to paradise
A mountain so high

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