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Roy Orbison - Friday Night


Well i was driving in my car
With fourteen women after me
Down Fifth Avenue
A friday night it just to be
She was standing on the corner
Thumbing a ride
I said,: Ў°Hop in baby
Scoot closer by my sideЎ±
Honey letЎЇs go riding you look so exciting
Where have you been hiding?

Friday night, feeling tight
Friday night, think she might
Friday night, friday night
ThereЎЇs no telling what youЎЇll find
Cruising on a friday night

She didnЎЇt say a word
She just kept those big blue eyes on me
I wondered what she could be thinkinЎЇ
As she put her little hand on my knee
I took another sip of malted brew
And then i looked in her eyes

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