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Roy Orbison - Go Away

I really wouldn't mind it might be fun.
At any other time with any other one.
But lovers canЎЇt be friends.
And thereЎЇs only one way it can end.
I would lose you,I would lose you.

There are not many girls I can talk with.
There are not many girls I can walk with.
And I donЎЇt have many friends if any,
So stay my friend and go away my friend.

I'm really wanting you to go away.
Everything you do, the things you say.
Confuse me now and then,
And I think I love you, my friend.
Go away,go away.

YouЎЇre the only girl I have fun with.
YouЎЇre the only girl I can run with.
You know friendship ends where love begins.

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