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Roy Orbison - Poor Baby

Orbison/C & R Price

Glittery eyes; witchy smiles
A good time is all you are after
Skin tight thighs; little white lies
Put you in the center of the laughter

But your reign of queen is over
Your fortress has been broken down
YouЎЇre still the center of the laughter
But your role has changed to the clown

Ooh poor baby
Someone broke your heart in two
Ooh poor baby
Who would have thought it could happen to you
Poor baby

A pretty face; sweet talkinЎЇ ways
Got you a part of the action
A come-over-touch, glances and such
You always had to be the main attraction

Now youЎЇre the one whoЎЇs crying
You lost at your own lonely game
YouЎЇre still the center of attraction
But now iЎЇm gone, youЎЇve got yourself to blame

Ooh poor baby

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