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Roy Orbison - We`re into something good

I never thought it could be like this
Give me another kiss if you don`t mind, one more time
To flatter you with many stories
Used cliches that would be boring
Would just waste time, precious time
I don`t have to say a thing
It`s written on my face
Any doubt that you still have
Let our love erase

We`re into something good and you know it
We`re into something good don`t be afraid to show it
We`re into something good, baby

I don`t see how you conceal it
There`s no way that you can`t feel it,when we do what we do
Now you can`t get this close to me
Send all these vibrations through me
And not know what to do
So wipe the tears away
Don`t be afraid of me
Love between us should come
Oh so free and easy
We`re into something good,baby

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