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Royal Fam - Deal Niggas

feat. Kaos the Seventh Sign

Uh, what?
Word up!
Happy boy ass niggas
This how it is

Now ever since birth, I was labelled as one of the worst
I used to rob, want you cash, but your chain first
No questions asked, bitch don't laugh, after him your purse
I knew I was one of the first niggas like me on the planet earth
To get a St. Ides and chased with Hennessey to quench my thirst
Too much misery I've seen (Many niggas in a hurse)
If it's war between you and me, I better move in first
Ain't no unity with us, make your best friend your nurse
So you stay over there, I stay over here, yeah that shit will work
But if you come over here, better beware, cuz we leave you hurt
I come straight from the dirt, the most talked about
Type of nigga that catch you when you walkin out
Never seen like God sittin and barkin out
I'm all about larger amounts, stick you, buy a larger house
I'm hard no doubt, you be mumblin and we be callin out
Get my dick sucked easy, chicks be fallin out
Fuck labels, we tourin out, this is what hip-hop is all about

[Chorus: Kaos the Seventh Sign (Timbo King)]
Real niggas do real things, things (To all my real niggas)
Real niggas do real things, things (To all my real niggas)

[Timbo King]
Yo, for real niggas who feel this is on some numb shit
Gun shit, peace to my jail niggas who run shit
Corner thugs, buggin on birds they serve for purpose
The same .45 in your mouth, stuck up your workers
Extreme measures, illegal treasures
Plus the safe, scavengers, pepper mace in your face
Purple haze, lace hash from Morocco burnin
We on the block earnin thousands, from P.J.'s and houses
Diggin pockets, rip trousers
Spark a Dutch, start a forest fire
Tap, drop a diamond, informant niggas wore police-wires
We on some '86, stick-up fig' impulse
The last days are crime son, take it as an insult
Dirty burnin blaze at night, we got to Av sewn
Nickel-plate, .44 chrome, murder dead zone
Police tracin prints, stolen cars with tints
Bum bitch boost gear, sellin clothes for cents
Sharp razors make a face ugly, snnatch a diamond, lovely
Drinkin Valentine, ghetto bubbly
The thugs be extortin corner stores, startin wars, daily routine
Undercover tight blue jeans harass teens


[Kaos the Seventh Sign]
How many niggas wanna die for my cause? Just embrace my face
I've been on frontline with motherfuckers, stay in your place
You never fuck with the real G, watch Ka' rise
Lyric to you niggas, never seen murder my eyes
I tear the frames out you motherfuckers, cross that line
I be the nine for years and now the fuckin world is mine
I hold the whole world in contempt
Until my pockets gettin fat, and my money spit
I'm stayin bent, off the Johnny Walker
Motherfuckers straight up New York
I put the bite back in crime, tell the man that it's over
My reign of terror till a nigga die, my rap niggas on the move
Punks who wanna try, will see my nine's fly
Niggas bite the dust, but we start to roll
You want beef, it's now peace, here the clips on yo
They call the Gods motherfuckers, cuz that drama we bring
Cuz fuckin real niggas do real things, nigga

[Chorus x2]

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