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Royal Flush - Iced Down Medaillons

feat. Noreaga

Motion Picture analyze the world pluss it hits ya
Dominate ya scripture
Wild black infera,protecting your perimeter
Rockin Jew-waal bring on the minister scope full while I'm sticking ya
And roll a dutch [?????????]
Shorty I've been whipping ya for years now
Hold Keiths smile on the prowl
My lifestyle
Or better yet my position now
Throw you cats on trial
Smooth criminal
From New York to Quebec
Unbelieveable respect
Plan X
22 ways up out the projects
But keep focus Iraq
When clans on the quest
Gettin deeper than tech
We on dive for whose next
And we go again
My enemies I keep friends
Cuz when I wind them I got them and take them rock bottom
And rap is fire
I'ts U-Verse-Iya
Hit man for hire blow the world like a live wire

[chorus: Noreaga]
Cuban connection,flexin,wilin,sippin crystal by the gallon ,Queens
(Royal Flush-No doubt)
Iced down medallions
(Royal Flush-What's it all about?)
Iced down medallions
Cuban connection,flexin,wilin,sippin Don P by the gallon ,Queens stalion
(Royal Flush-No doubt)
Iced down medallions
(Royal Flush-What's it all about?)
Iced down medallions

Seen shit
Holdin it down my guns spit
Find my deal wit
Drive a 5-40 wit tint
Yo nice
Hold the strip up on the hill in the bricks
Plus the golden Kid
Wisdom knowledge still living
Understand what I'm given
Or wild like the liven while we all driven
We sell drugs young black thugs
And take slaughtas
Most invincible gettin money the principle
Everydays an interview
You know who
I'm talkin to the best chosen
Playin on 45th
Drink cola
Sellin drugs in the mornin
Strengthing my opponents
Fuck around and catch a bonus
Move all to buy the owens
When you thought I was your oldest
And ever since that day I walk around double toastin
Wit two hoalstin
Wanted posters
Plus whatevas closest
Or die like your man in that black sensa rosa
Flush don't give a fuck I'm taken over


Now past the hand
Rockin vest for thirty G's a scotch
None stop
Crystal poppin
Drop toppin
While the feds whatchin
They on my back heat me up like Al Pacino
Or Joe Pessi in Casino(Que pasa Amigo)
Sent keys up to Fellipo
Transport state to state
Liven great
Bust around a hell gate
Can the key
Money man
New York city crime state
And bless ya L's be on track to make an earthquake
Now wait
Desert storm just like Kuwait
Watch jake
Can't go to jail wit no Cake
Cuz when I come home I've got to live crazy straight,


Word up,we do it like that,thug life
Na meen,back to Iraq,regulate worldwide,what's tha deal,make a mill

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