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Royal Hunt - Silent Scream

White dress, torture in disguise, pointin' flashlight right into my eyes.
Sharp pain every single night - every day I fight a hopeless fight...

Look, over thirty years I've wished that I was dead,
Somebody, help me out, 'cos I'm tied down to my bed...

I'm lookin' for someone to release me,
I'm waitin' for an angel from my dream,
I'm talkin' to all of you around me,
I'm asking you - tell me can you hear my silent scream?

Dear God gave me such a life full of pain, it's sharp just like a knife,
I can think, but I can not tell, what's life to you to me is hell.

I hear the storm outside - first crop just hit the roof,
I'd die to see the rain, but I can't ... move

... If living is my cross, so let me die or crucify me now,
But tell me, can you hear my silent scream?

Time stays still - only I can feel when the darkness will appear,
Every day I wished away my fear...

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