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Royal Hunt - Step By Step

Switch blade dance,
And your friend goes down.
I'm gonna hit you once and you'll kiss the ground.
It's a sweet romance,
No good and clown,
Boy listen there's a new kid comin',
And he's gonna rock this town,
He's gonna rock it...

I see the writing on the wall,
No one's to blame nobody's fault.

Step by step - I got lost and never found,
Step by step - can't find my way around,
Step by step - take a break, don't you put me down,
Step by step - hand's down - I'm busted to the ground.

Kid's gettin' tough,
It's like a civil war, a proper war,
You better keep your ass behind that solid door.
Looks like it's never enough,
You keep on comin' for more,
Somebody tell me why and what we're fighting for?
I'm standin' back against the wall,

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