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Royal T - Bump the Real

feat. Frank V, Mr. Sancho, OG Spanish Fly, Yogi

[Royal T:]
Motherfucking chronic
Sticky icky
You want some money?
Motherfucker, you're fucking up my high

[Frank V:]
Who's coming with that gang shit, that boogie bang shit
If you're an enemy, you can't hang bitch
We're coming with that gangster shit you can trust
Cause can't nobody drop the shit like us
We never fake, we just take your spot, set up shop
Get rich then we ditch, I mean shake the spot
And it's still popping and we ain't stopping dropping
Hits, to piss off the haters that keep flopping
Some of these fools today are just wack
They look hard, but when you hear the shit you wanna take it back
You need to put your money on us
Cause either with the rap or cap I ain't afraid to bust
And if you ask me that's what gangster's about
You doubt me, then homey you can call me out
We'll get em up in a minute, knock your ass out quick
Now tell your bitch to come here and make her suck this dick

[Chorus x2: Yogi]
Twelve gauge ammo popping, Chevrolet mobbing
Shot gun bb's put you to mimis
If you should see me say "What's up homes, orale"
Babydoll Q-Vole, bump the real suvele

I used to stroll down the block, sandals and pulled up socks
Bitches on the jock with the twenty two glock
I heard you got caught, I wasn't really shocked
I know I haven't wrote but I miss you a lot
Visit your baby's mama, your son and your daughter
Everytime I see your moms her eyes start to water
They wanna break you off, twenty five with an L
It's a trip it seems like we're all in jail
When you got locked up and shit got dramatic
And blew up when you called me and told me you turned Catholic
And I'm still down with you, hope you beat your case
Can't wait to see your face on your release date
Believe me I haven't forgot about you
Matter of fact the other day my moms asked me about you
I told her you were doing fine, she says that she's praying for you
I gotta go, I couldn't finish saying what I'm saying

[Chorus x2]

[OG Spanish Fly:]
OG Spanish Fly aka the Maniac
Got the chronic sack, smoking and choking till my eyes come back
I see some haters around, they're rolling up in the town
Rocks getting thrown by the pound cause we ain't fucking around
Now it's official, my life is legit
You wanna bump my shit, turn it up and take a hit
Now let's ride, slide, skipdy dip
It's Low Profile in this año, my heat goes click

[Mr. Sancho:]
Blue Chevrolet mobbing, neighborhood swabbing
Roll up the windows cause we just hot-boxing
Four inch blade put away in my pocket
Some fools try to act brave so I pop it
Kick knowledge to some top notch hoes
Forget college cause my pockets swoll
But I gotta keep the income coming cause these puto's running
Cause the game will never stop till I'm surrounded by hundreds

[Chorus x2]

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