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Royce Da 5'9'' - ...A Brief Intermission

[Royce Da 5'9" as a Private Club Owner speaks:]
And now... for a brief intermission...
Feel free to us!
Smoke some weed... do some coke, drink some Henny, go to the strip club where you can tip a bitch!
Uh... get your money from your whores!
You can read a book, you can uhm... brink a beer.
What the... the people are here don't drink beers anyway!
And drink beer is so 70's!
I get a haircut?
But gettin' haircut's not really gangster!
Not in there intermission you're gettin' fuckin' haircut!
You do coke or drink a beer, smoke weed or fuck a bitch!
You don't fuckin'... get haircut!
And a haircut takes 4 hours!
Choke a bitch?
Even "choke a bitch" is kinda... 2005! [echoes]

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