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Royce Da 5'9'' - Acapella

[Kids ovation]

A bullet in the head! (a bullet in the head!) [gunshot]
Reminds me of the first time my nigga Pharrell came around me wearin' that goddamn trucker hat!
[Vincent Price laughs] To ME - that shit only looks good on YOU, [echoes]
Niggas is fuckin' LAME-O'S! [echoes] - I wanna see you dead.
Fuck you mean, you ain't gay? - You get more anal than a sneaker head. [scream]
It's Thanksgiving, it's turkey time,
Pick up an Indian midget - flip him and dip his turban in turpentine.
I'm FLY! - My mic is like a STAR
Lady-Liberty-herself can light - my cigar.
I can't lose! - Come through with them bruisers
We all got - furs on like we at the fight with Frank Lucas.
My clip'll buck at you, I'll fuck a bitch! - Let her suck my dick!
You? - You sweater, - Cliff Huxtable. [scream]
Hahahhh! - Y'all niggas tents in this bitch.
You carry guns for self-defense. [shot] - I play off-fence with this bitch! [shot]
I don't stop beefin' until I hear sirens
I'll eat you before I get a meal like Five Wings. [police sirens]
Your momma got a kickstand on her fuckin' leg
And she drink sizzurp, - I call her Eileen. [gunshot]
I'm a hustleeeer. - Clean you UP,
If I say I'm-flippin'-the-bird, it don't mean I'm-puttin'-my middle finger UP! [gunshot]
Walkin' out with cash,
EVERYDAY YOU bitch niggas, y'all ain't sss-shit. - Y'all just talkin' out your ASS!
I'm like the 80's, hoe,
Your wife nipple look like a - little baby toe.
Hahahahmmm! - I'm 'bout to life the shotty, bullets hit your body
It's gon' be a long TALLADEGA NIGHT, - RICKY BOBBY! [gunshot]
I spit 100% pure, - WHITNEY BOBBY! [gunshot]
Fuck bitches!
All I do is FFF-FUCK bitches! [gunshot]
She in my hotel room at 1, 1: 10, she in the LLL-LOBBY!
The Pump's, the shotty, so tell your momma find me
In your city, HAA! - And I'm pro'ly gon' be drunker than Robby...
I got a new college bitch, - she be like:
"Yeah! - We should get together sometime. - Maybe go to a party and dance." [Vincent Price laughs]
I said: "Yeah, - that'd be a no, - cause I'm not a partyin' man."
"But I'll definitely still put you on the list, - for the party - in my pants." [Vincent Price laughs]
I got a hustler flow.
For 50-mil' I will drink Manny Pacquiao's blood and watch my muscles grow! [blast] - You bitch!

[Automatic gunshots]

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