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Royce Da 5'9'' - As Live As It Gets

"Trust me, I'm as live as it gets"

[Verse 1:]
You never find a man in a jam
You run up on me and squeeze off
I'll probably speed off like Cam in a Lam
For eight blocks and double back with the K cocked
Spray a hundred hots ones with the arm that ain't shot
C'mon get it
Your head plugged like you've grown?
Just let 'em fuck with me like, I'm a bust like Jerome Bettis
The sawed off man
A haul off van
Put more metal in your mouth than Paul Wall can
Nigga this is awesome
I'm airin' out the clips
So please don't confuse me with Mulberry out this bitch
Nigga show me a sign is how I decide war
Fuck it, I shoot you through my own driver side door
I'm here to warn you, you gon' see me
In Phoenix Arizona pushin' NICO's GT
Check for me

"My saliva and spit, that split thread into fiber and bits
So trust me I'm as live as it gets" - Royce Da 5'9" 'Boom'
(DC on the beat)

[Verse 2:]
Ooh boy you lookin' like you checkin' out the Davens
I'm reckless with my weapons out, steppin' out the cabin
You wanna check me in, cause you know that you a has been
A couple of your hoes, in here rollin' with me laughin'
Please nigga, try to take my mail you be dead
I ain't took an L since I took an L to the head
You fakin' we can tell
The only thing you gettin' from me
I'm a get you, only thing you takin' is a shell
The shine of them 22's is beyond you funny dudes
My jewels, you couldn't pawn 'em if you wanted to
So you can talk the hot ones
Run up on the other side
With that pump, I got no problem shootin' cross the shotgun
I don't wear no seat belt
When I put that peddle to the floor of that Medina
I'm gonna probably make your feet melt
You ain't gotta aim nigga
You ain't got a chance
Just a sloppy nigga poppin' at a million dollar man

"My advice, quit talkin' it's over"
Royce 5'9"
"The best kept secret"
"As live as it gets"

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