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Royce Da 5'9'' - Bad Boy

feat. Jungle Rock Jr.

We serve teardrops
Prolific flow from jamaica
Wake up
We getting that bread like a baker
Take ya
Life like it's nothing boys swing
I will blood clot everything from your block to your offspring
You're not hardcore
Wouldn't crack an egg why the **** you actin' hard boy?
Boom bye bye is the tune I abide by
I'm aligned with goons it's wireless like wi-fi. why try?
I'm on the cusp of greatness
You bum-ba-cluts fly I'm on a ****' spaceship
Enough in the bracelet to make the blind squint.
I'm easy cube yellin' dray ren [? ] times ten.


Put you in a slumber
Come on bruh
You a bum you under my um-
-brella I put you in the dumpster
Whatever I ain't the fella who you want rub with
I will boxy boy kill ya
**** all that dumb ****
Put you up under concrete
I'm cut like I'm godlike
Beat ya like a blum blum drum stick
Mumble something I come through dumpin'
Ak 47 pumpin' blow like a trumpet
The foolishness of niggas ****
Who you trying to push ****
Booyakah full clip done dada
You no test me shabba rank imposter
You no want drama I'm prepared for nam
I'm a


You in a headlock
Tie your family up like a dreadlock
Gong niggas like junior marley when the lead drop
Eat em like a meal while the fed watch
You married the street I just **** it out of wedlock
Fore I rip on ya
Rhasta should warn ya
They don't all love ya
Push needles into the eyeballs of a little doll of ya
Blind ya
Align ya
Red rum with murder for hire
Serve your supplier
Pill poppin' and coke snortin'
We kill for fun til we come for your fortune
Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do?
When them killaz come for you
I'm a


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