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Royce Da 5'9'' - Death day

[to the IN DA CLUB beat]

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

This is an exclusive, it's your death day
We gonna party like it's your death day
Now we bringin' the boys again the boy should win
The stroy is told over and over again
What the fuck is you doped up my whole team toys with tools
I got a combustable notebook and a poison pen
Upon game the boy can scrap flows LeBron James
Like a young man among boys of rap, and he's back
To clean house ( yeah ) so shut the fuck up
Steve Stoute said I was wack he bout to shut the fuck up ( yeah )
How riviting am I? I'm living inside my cynical mind
Spillin' my nine a clumsy killer that's comfy with criminal ties
Really the city is mine
Me and Eminem liek Diddy and Shyne ( So )
We 'bout to put the game in a chicken wang
Regardless your artists are surrounded like a picture frame ( and I )
Can look in the future and see better days
Im a gangsta twenty-four hours and seven days
And YES is my mentality you want beef with us
YES is our mentality YES
It's your death day
We gonna party like it's your death day
You want beef with 5'9'' it's your death day
You wanna get slapped right now it's your death day
I want just slap ya I'll shot ya after
Who's the sickest rapper?
It's your death day ( yeah )
Only for my niggaz
Holla Back

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