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Royce Da 5'9'' - I'm Fresh

feat. Mr. Porter

[Intro: Female speaks]
Mr. Porter has asked me to warn you...
That this next joint may harm your speakers!
Especially if you're riding in a whip with a shitty system.
Ha-ha-ha, I made a funny. (uhh!)[beat starts]

[Intro: Roycne Da 5'9" ("Sample")]
("As we proceed... to give you what you need!)
5'9" motherfuckers!
Get live motherfuckers!

[Royce Da 5'9" ("Sample")]
Get ready, ("Cause this ain't") FUNNY!
("My name's") 5'9" AND I'm ABOUT TO GET MONEY! (whoo!)
If you could name another nigga that can do it
Quite the way I do it I will have to say I blew it! [whistle]
Biggie, Pun, 'Pac'll say: "I knew it! - Homie is the truest! "
So let your cronies know you're only phony as your crew is.
When that beat start - droppin' and that heat start - poppin'
Now that "Street Hop" - is knockin'!
OxyContin! - Crack - coke - weed!
Her-o-in; - we're - cho-sen!
OxyContin! - Crack - coke - weed!
Her-o-in; - we're - ("dope! ")
Nigga stop jockin'! - If I ain't like God, then God is just like me.
Firin squad, I am so fly, God can sight me!
I am me! - I am simply my own envy
I'm jealous of myself by all means!

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9" ("Sample")]
I'm (Fresh!)
Tell you da-da-da-ding, call me,
Cause (Jay-Z: "we are") - ("Fresh! ")
Dope boy ("Fresh! ")

[Bridge: Royce Da 5'9" ("Sample")]
(Biggie: "Today's agenda... ") Hip-Hop! (Biggie: "Niggaz bleed! ")
Dick shots! - ("Jay-Z: "There's never been a nigga this good for this long! ")
("Biggie: Today's agenda... ") fuck y'all hoes! (Biggie: "I get money! ")
I'm so dope boy, rock-rock star! [scratches] "Fresh! [scratches] Fresh! "

[Royce Da 5'9" (Mr. Porter)]
Triumphant, honestly I am just here to get clear (CLEAR!)
Like Niacin dietin' bullets take a nigga weight away
From him like Jared from Subway! (SUBWAY!) Tryna get full and
I am the bull and you ridin, blow your puddin inside of your hooded.
I'm out of my mind, "Ketchup" or y'all'll be Heinz
I am (I'm just playin with y'all niggaz!)
Sinister pimpin' with benefits (Jay-Z: "I put the gun to ya! ")
("Jay-Z: "Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya! ")
And use a sample to finish my sentences, y'all niggaz extra!
I call all my niggaz comin' to get ya! - I call all my bitches Carmen Electra.
Extra! - ("BITCH! ") Read all about me,
Newspaper, move fakers, food taker, I'm starvin'!
I bombard you so pardon like I'm fartin'
The one comes with a bullet, that goes beyond chartin'! - You couldn't finish what I'm startin', I'm...



[beat fades out]

[Outro: Mr. Porter]
I'm just playin' with' y'all niggaz!

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