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Royce Da 5'9'' - October 20th

[Freestyle over Bishop Lamont & Xzibit's: "Hallelujah" beat.]

Pawn Hex Murda we love you!
Nick gooooooo!
Ayo Vidge!
You know I like uhmm...
Tha "Bar Exam" we have, I'm the shit, fool!
Aight! I got a, I got another...
If you disagree you can suck my gun cock!
October 20th!

Niggas be computer screen thuggin' until I find their IP, (uhhh!)
My blueprint - "D.O.A"! - No ID! (uh-huuh!)
My music - awesome! - Untouchable! - Uh-uh!
Your music - aweful! - So touchable! - Uh-ha!
Me and my nigga Hex Murder and did crazy dirt, (c'mon!)
Before I kill him, I bait him! - Ladies first!
Alota talking from niggas that's never visible, (hahaa!)
It make you say: "Hmmmm! " Like you did the first
Time that you saw the end of that "Forever" video, (SOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
Hehe! - Pen in pocket
Anytime that it is poppin'! (ugh!)
Uh! - Pound to Slaughterhouse, now we the trending topic, (cats!)
Y'all WACK! - Now tweet about that!
Y'all rats go eat a mousetrap! (whooooooo!)
I'm a monster! - So how can I respond ta?
What if you check it's vital signs! - It's not responsive! (BLLLLAAAMMM!)
Niggas is dead I got a dig to touch him,
But real relevantly I will, I used to kill for nothing! (whooo!)
I used to sit at funerals like I can't feel for nothing,
Y'all def-initely don't know who you are playin' with like you call knicks! (AAAAHH-HAAAAA!)
You heard how I flip that shit! I'm the best, face it; BITCH!
I take a hater moment away from him Taylor Swift! [sniff]
Lota talking been being done, huh?
I'm in da dungeon, I'm sippin' conundrum!
I'm cut out your son tongue! - Umm, you soup like Won Ton!
Umm, my Uz' weigh one tonne! - BOYAKA! - Run, run! [gunshots]

Hex Murda this one for you my nigga!
Lota talkin' bin being done!
"Street Hop" in stores October 20th! [beat stops]
And if you disagree you can suck my gun cock, hm!

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