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Royce Da 5'9'' - Over Freestyle

[Freestyle over Drake's: "Over" beat.]

[DJ Whoo Kid:]
"BAR EXAM"... [kids ovation] VOLUME 3!
Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

They say I'm the best in here! (whoo!) - Picture your wife fuckin' your twin,
I'm like him! - May the best man win!
So later for you bums,
A ways back I made a pact to stay sharp enough to sharpen a razor on my tongue. (come on!) [blast]
I'm sick with this! - You sick like a panty sniffer, (sniffer!) [blast]
And you just wanted to see her pee - like a dick blister. (c'mon!) [blast]
Ya'll remind me of Fantasia brother, y'all be whilin',
On TV everyday I turn on y'all and y'all be cryin'! (cryin'!)
I'm SURGICAL with this motherfuckin' pen!
The sickest nigga spittin' till the end! (till the end!) [echoes]
I don't really have to against that 'cause
I'm the last lyrical W-T-F O-M-G factor!
So back off
Before I blow your knee cap off!
I'm a eat this beat like a? bee-eatin'?
We, you in da street's where the beef is,
In the car goin' beep-beep!
While I roll over the drums and just straight peel through the pieces! (hahh!) [2 shots]
Bout to build me a time machine an' - get it in? - And go back I'm done!
Find Frank Nitti and Al Calpone like - can y'all autograph my gun? [Tarzan shouts]
Haha! - I ain't tryin' that hard, right now!
I'm just havin' fun; tell the whole world I just had a son!
First name "Earth"! - Last name "None", [scream]
Get up on that and your cash ain't come and you don't spit that shit ass like a
Raised by a gangsta,
Come up in the house get your ass whooped and then get your ass whoop on! [EM:] ("Whoo! ")
What a nigga know about the water in the shower gettin' cold because the bathroom faucet is on,
[EM:] ("Whoo! ") The reason why I grab you, stab you, out rap you when I ain't feelin like Tommy McCron!
[EM:] ("Whoo! "Whoo! ") Heat a nigga house with the oven,
Like I like thuggin'!
But I probably just spit on my mother, had to heat up the house the oven,
Had to spend the night with my cousin!
Yes, I be poppin' lots of shit you can't do nothin' bout it bitch;
So get the heads up or be my rock 'em sock 'em, poppin' shit! (poppin' shit!) [EM:] ("Whoo! Whoo! ")
I'm like a stock of bond - that can drop a bomb, (C'MON!)
Ridin' slow with the slidin' door on the side.
Open on that minivan [EM:] ("Whoo! ") intended for no soccer mom, [EM:] ("WHATTA FUCK? ! ")
Lighters up high! (high!)
I'm your fire supply! [gunshot]
Writer with mad skills, I'm I'll so hire your guy! (ME!) [gunshot]
Nobody is harder! - He don't give a fuck what he "Slaughters", (HA!)
He will drag your slutty daughter through the muddy waters!
This beat is bait!
Get it outta me, I can shit it out me, IT'S ATE! - I think I owe Drake an apology! [echoes]

Tweet about that little fuckin' fruit!

ROYCE DA 5'9"!
Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! [beat stops] [rewind]

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