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Royce Da 5'9'' - Psycho

[Freestyle over 50Cent & EMINEM's: "Psycho" beat]

ROYCE DA 5'9"!

[Verse: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Uhh, yeah! - I call my cannon "poppa",
I'm the shit, smell me? - You can't mask it, this not the "Phantom Of The Opera".
The cannibal of rap.
Knock you out on camera, turn around and play it back on "When Animals Attack"!
I'm a psycho - like no - other I am out my shit;
The bitch picked up my shot and drank it so I fuckin' shot the bitch!
I'm controllin' lots of shit!
I can go from Rock'N'Roll to opposite Hip-hop and shit; never miss like Stojaković!
Pop up on you, pop you quick! - Run your pockets, pocket it
Killin' what I'm not feelin', trigger's strung like a violin.
Consignment tell - the buyer. "Welcome to my environment! "
I'm violent! - My rhyme's on fire like giant firemen.
Thirty-two year-old pioneer,
Who'll leave you lyin' if you usin' iron where you niggas pink, - I am rare!
Where they're servin' up the drinks, - I am there!
Take the cops to water, swat the shore up like somebody saw a fly in it.
Anything movin', - I want in!
Unless it's the skinny-jean movement; - I want out!
I don't need nobody else to ride for me, I roll out.
'Fore I shoot you, say: "'Member me? " You wasn't forgot about! [3 shots]
I got a pocket full of stooones
My niggas'll be on your head, for some money to stay in the prostitutin' zooone.
I will let the bully off!
Beef with me is like a lock connected to a bra, you be naked. - Can't pull it ooooff! {Whoooooooooooo}
Imagine murderin' your record company for margin; {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
But who gave you a deal? Cause you ain't deserve it!
I'm not a rapist, bitch, I'm just a pervert!
Crazy dude with a dick full of baby food. - Now switch to Gerber!
Lyrics is murder. - Get it, and put your gun away!
I whip a Pacquiao when it's Spring, sell it through the Summer.
You can call me Money May. - Your money funny, run away!
Take the "k" - off of Fake. - Leave a nigga Dunaway! (Dunaway!)
Get it? - I go ballistic on your spirit;
That chopper look like somebody put some scissors to your fitted.
I've been with' this from the beginnin',
If you visual picture me killin' witnesses; if I'm the defendent, I was offended! (I was offended!)
I rap a lot but I'm not independent,
Drink alcohol a lot. - Knowin' my only real problem is spendin'! (spendin'!)
The metaphors and them similes is career endin',
Your melon's soar to INFINITE'S what I intended. (intended!)
Don't get in trouble, you get me pissed and my fist'll hit ya;
You hearin' birds and seein' doubles like picture-picture!
You hearin' doubles you heard me say I was sicker-sicker. (sicker-sicker!)
I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers!
Your bitch sucked my johnny two times,
Polished me like a hella shoe-shine. - Get your shine box, Ryan got a goodfella coupon!
I fit the description of a killer with' a ridiculous dick.
Why is your bitch so mentally into me? Shit! (shit!)
But she can miss me with the sensitive, intimate shit;
All I do is poke holes like I be fencin' with chicks!
Uhh! - Pitch black attitude, 'fore I meet you
I'm naturally mad at you, you have to be that and the gratitude
If you like livin' life then kiss my ass and you cool
I'm HOT - like your gun'll be after you pass me the tool! (pass me the tool!)
Don't have to be rappin' at your talent show at your school [Tarzan shouts]
To have the full capacity of my faculty clappin' at you! [Tarzan shouts]
We'll actually get your rap group a casket or two,
Never did a movie cause I'm too busy ACTIN' A FOOL! (ACTIN' A FOOL!) [beat stops] [gun cocks & shot]

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