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Royce Da 5'9'' - Second Place

[5 seconds fades-in]

[DJ Premier:] Nickel! Tell 'em what it is!
[Royce Da 5'9":] This... is... a world...
[DJ Premier:] Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre- Premier! [echoes]
[Royce Da 5'9":] A world...
[DJ Premier:] Premier! Premier, Premier! Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre- Premier, Premier! [echoes]

[Royce Da 5'9":]
Look! - I'm in the zone for realer,
In a freezer with Medusa I'm fuckin' a "Stone Cold" killer.
Your bitch vibin', I'm inside her, now tell your kids this
Daddy's been doin' more "Dick" ridin than Kari Wigton.
I'm very venomous, you very innocent
And I will send a MON-STER to your house, call him: "Harry Henderson"!
Oh - my - God! I was just in jail;
Then the devil caught pneumonia - and it made me sick as hell.
You niggaz countin' me out? - Can get the riches still?
You're all in the "The Matrix"; shoulda picked a different pill!
You about to see how far that Paul Rosenberg'll go
The height of my game is like a DeMar 'Rozan vertical.
No one understands me. - Only one sicker than me is EM;
I'm the new "D. MC". - It "Run"" in the fam'.

[Hater Interlude: (Royce Da 5'9")]
Man, why that nigga gotta bring EM name up all the time?
Man, you wouldn't even be rich without that nigga! [smack] (Shut up faggot!)

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9" (Method Man & Raekwon samples)]
[Royce Da 5'9":] I come to embarrass y'all rappers!
I should run a marathon backwards
So I can see what second place look like! Look!
[Method Man sample:] "To-too many sick niggaz, Nickel bring the remedy! "
[Sample #1:] [scratches] "Ma-ma- make it real clear! " [echoes]

[Royce Da 5'9":] I come to embarrass y'all rappers!
I should run a marathon backwards,
So I can see what second place look like! - Look!
[Sample #2:] "You're not ready for the raw deal, it's all real! " [echoes]
[Sample #3:] [scratches] "Kiss the ring, be gone! "

[Royce Da 5'9":]
I'm the magnificent with the sen-sational style
My wedding with the streets got the cake with no vows! "
I'm arrogant as fuck, who cares? You suck!
Rappers talkin' 'bout "We The Best" done been to Paris too much.
Who hot? Who sick? Shiiit. - I'm like a Theraflu slush;
Y'all ain't fly, y'all fallin' slow with the parachute up,
Up! - I'm a face-slapper.
Niggaz sleepin on an outfit, call us Taylor Gang 'cept we Wake-n-Bake rappers!
Slaughter', Yelawolf responsible for haters' actions
Y'all on Gilligan's Island; find a greater Captain;
Hahahh-ahh, hahahh! - Victory laugh
Even my photographer's happy. - Picture me mad!
I feel will, your bitch suck my dick
I nutted on the floor & left her standin' dere cryin over spilled milk. [imitates sobbing then laughs]


[Royce Da 5'9":]
My swing's like chains on a playground
I bust fly plus I'm about to put some wings on a Greyhound.
Uh! - My theory of
You is you lie and you drink beer and I ain't hearin' ya, so you must be from Liberia.
I wave bye like Hitler, 100-round thumper;
Bulletproof WHAT? - You gon' need an underground bunker!
I ain't where you should go;
I put my whole life on the 'net - even my weapons; I am Bazooka Joe!
Uhh! - We the shit, nigga eat a dick!
We'll make him eat his words, we the stones, he the sticks.
I'm gon' yellin' "Shady" everywhere
Smackin' niggaz bitches with they lipstick and they baby with they teddy bear
To you and your man, ain't gon' be no Talladega Night;
I come to question y'all and y'all don't know what to do with your hands!
Nickel Preme! - Killer team!
Add a different dealer every day like a fickle fiend. [echoes]


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