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Royce Da 5'9'' - Slaughter

[Freestyle over Jay-Z's: "Brooklyn We Go Hard" beat.]
[5 seconds instrumental]

[Chorus: Female]
Slaughter... [5 seconds instrumental]
Slaughter... [5 seconds instrumental]

I'm from a grimey city, from a bunch of miles away (c'mon!)
With no regards for the law, I'm from a sovereigns state. (hahah!)
From a murderous block! (block!) - Swirving in a convertible drop (pow!)
Making sure you heard my proverbial plot! (whoooo!)
I'm tryna take over the world like pinky the brain
My dream mistress is a bitch like Pinky with brains.
Or Roxy Renolds, I stick dick into her
She suck cock for a living, tongue kiss with mur. [gun cocks & shot]
But I don't feel anger,
Tilt like the frame of the nickel plated chrome .4-5, I'm a still bang her! (yeess!)
"Original "Regenade""! - Niggas still afraid. (hahaa!)
More niggas follow than Ashton Kutchers' "Twitter" page. (whoooo!)
Chowder time, y'all right! - I sprinkle powder lines
If Kelly beat his case, my lawyers gon' swallow mine.
So put your nines on the crap table
You life gambling, I'm patron sippin', signed to "Black Label". (aahh!) [gun cocks & shot]
Champaigne wishes; become realities
Bad bitches fly minus the travel needs.
My dick is the biggest thing on my anatomy
I diss niggas for nothing, like why you mad at me? (why?)
Nickel is definitely still wreckless
The last nigga got killed that made me feel threatened.
Ha! - Who really cares what a rapper's talking?
The only feeling that ain't familiar is after losses. (losses!)
I'll shoot Ed O.G. in the head and go back to Boston
With a trunk full of white. - We call it Asher Rothen!
Fell honored if I talk about your ass often,
You should wanna sleep into the bed I was jackin' off in.
It's a reason these motherfuckers backing off him, (uh-huh!)
He Floyd Mayweather, Paul Williams and Chad Dawson! (haha!)
All rolled up in 1, his money trash talking
Amongst bosses chillin' out in cash office. (whooo!) [gun cocks & shot]
Nigga you testing the one, nickel second to none (yess!)
I'm hotter than Texas at 3, I'm effecting the sun. (haa!)
I don't just sound raw
I disconnect your shit! - Have you walkin' around with Bobby Brown jaw? (Brown jaw!)
And then Whitney said: "Crack is wack! "
And it offended me like: "Fluzy! - Why you dissing my music? "
And you can ask Proof! - We come from Choppa City!
Minus the wack suit and the beef with Ness. (haha!) [gun cocks & shot]
Forever inhaling the smell of that sweet success (yess!)
The Calico talking! - Saying: "WE THE BEST! " [shot]
I'm a fan teaser!
This bitch saying: "Who the fuck died and made you god? " - I said Jesus! (COME ON!) [shot]
I'm in the zone I feel like a star
And you know what to do if you feel like a frog.
Go jump into traffic! - You playing frogger
I ain't a blogger, I'm "Mr.-Rearrange-Your-Aura"! (whoo!)
Niggas thinking all I got is internet soldiers
'09 is the fear year! - Respects ova!
The OG's taught me how to do it one way
So I ain't down for no games, unless it's gun play! (uh-uh!)
Niggas'll murder judges! (judges!) - Over murder grudges. (grudges!)
I don't put money on heads, I just refer to cousins
I dropped dope records! - That's hot like a furnace
The needle on that record player, is hypothermic. [gun cocks & shot]
The seafood from intervenace tube, (tube!)
Kill you in private between me and you!
I'm sick enough to go up in your house,
Sicking of rhymes, I spit up and throw up in my mouth, ugggghhh.!
You fucking around with the Slaughterhouse Conglomerad (Conglomerad!)
Like catching your parents fucking I'll leave you traumatized. (traumatized!)
The beef live 'til the drama dies (dies!)
My daughter can get struck by lightning if I ain't down for homicide. [gun cocks & shot] (whoo!)
You don't believe in me, you an atheist thug! (come one nigga!)
My bitch pussy Delicious, it's the Flavor of Love! (AAAAHHHHHH!)
Fuck what they say! - I tattoo your face!
Danger! - But that ain't for The Love of Ray J! (HAHAAAA!)
I got a cold heart! - I call my penis: "Dicky"!
'Fore I let ya'll bullshit me, I'll let serena kick me. (LET'S GO!)
And she got thunder thighs. - How could she be so "Heartless"
And give you the business but I ain't from the Chi.
A product of the bores, where Barry Gordon records
I'm talking A-1, yo let that's totally pure. (yeess!)
I flow bodies of water, dead fisherman haunt me
I gotta temper of a trigger, the dick of a donkey. (OOOOHH!)
I'm a "Souljah, Boy"! - Yea 'm the last breathing
No need to turn on my swag, come on I'm swag sleepin'. (yeess!)
Y'all niggas flows is old! Y'all sound like last weekend
A Mardi Delorian and party with a bad Rican. [gun cocks & shot]

Slaughter house is this bitch-nigga!
Sucker free, fuck a bitch nigga!
B.E. 3! [shot] [windows broke]

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