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Royce Da 5'9'' - Spit Game (Freestyle)

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Fuck you.. yeah
Strictly rough copy (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Yo, yo yo yo yo

Fo'sho' nigga, I'm in this game and it's all good
I've changed, I've not been the same, I came from a small hood
I knew the first time I got sleepy on the job
I was greedy, wait 'til you see me, I'm easy on the eyes
My father told me, "Stay where the feelin is at"
From hell and back, I'm feelin that, that's why I rep 7 Mile
No, I don't live there nor was I raised there
It's where my niggaz is at, where my niggaz is at
Each word fall down from the heavens, I will reign
Keep a weapon and an alias pet to my real name
Probably gotta get shot to sense that I feel pain
When it's beef I transform into 'Pac, like Lil' Zane
I'm street valuable cause of the lead in the holster
('Nuff said!) When I post up, head on a poster
In the kitchen with, bread in a toaster
Do you like EPMD did to the heads when they broke up
Funk Flex - droppin bombs 'til he damage his thumbs
Have Clue goin ("HOOOOOO!") 'til he damage his lungs ("WEEEEE!")
Each face you see on them bills is my brothers
'cept George, love you but, we don't see each other much
I'm a dog, if I don't know you I don't FUCK witchu
If I love you then I'm STUCK witchu - your blood is mines
Got Feds everywhere like, these are the guys
If, he's greater than me then he's not alive
When it's war B-U-double-L-E-T's gotta fly
If, he's not smellin me, he's gotta die (yeah)
Both pockets pokin like a Jew
Nasty and hot when I'm open like a brew
Words spoken like a true
You niggaz better show me a peace sign or somethin
I'll murder-murder-murder-murder you like Esham or somethin
A fine line between a fake and a real thing
'Bout to separate the niggaz who hate from the real game.. [echoes]

I spit GAME nigga
Yeah yeah yeah.. yo, yo

FUCK THAT! Niggaz don't spit it like this no more
Niggaz heard "Boom" don't wanna buy SHIT no more
Now, call your label up, tell 'em don't SHIP no more
Even Cali niggaz is sayin, "The shit's so hard!"
Every nigga roll I fuck WITH want war
Knock you out, you won't even know you HIT no floor (uhh)
I spit game cause I'm always WITH game nigga
Rank high from the chain to the nickname, nigga..

Fuck outta here..

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