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Royce Da 5'9'' - Thing For Your Girlfriend

feat. K-Young

[Intro skit plays for first 42 seconds]

[Chorus: K-Young]
I got a thing for your girlfriend
She got a face of a goddess, ooh-wee, you already know
Don't, d-d-don't blame me
Don't, d-d-don't blame me
Excuse me miss, I'm just passin
Hope you don't mind me askin
Are you lookin for some action?
Cause I wouldn't mind waxin that ass

And it ain't easy, understanding
That your shorty may love ya
But I'm surely gon' fuck her... tonight
I know that it's risky
But I'm a bit tipsy
And I can do what she wants
She fiend the life of a baller
Shit, she want it all
(I'm a give it to her) All
(Give it to her) All
(Give it to her) All
(All that) I'm a give her my balls
I told ya, I'm a get in them drawers
I just love the way she use her body-ody
To be the spotlight of the party (ohh)
You ain't got what it takes to keep her away from me


[Royce Da 5'9":]
I got a thing for your girlfriend
She freakier than a muh'fucker, ain't she?
Now I don't love no hoes, but I love yo's
She make that cock blow, swa-la-llows
Everywhere I look and, everywhere I go
Your bitch wanna get with me, I can't tell her no
Confront me about it and see the hammers
You better off ambushin us with the "Cheater" cameras
Your bitch bad with her thick ass
Up and down, suckin me so fast she can get whiplash
Haha, laugh, I'm the original
I send her back to your bird-ass pigeon-toed
Shovel that pussy, dig a bigger hole
I'm lovin that pussy, I call it the centerfold
I'm diggin Keri Hilson
I'm lookin at Mariah Carey pictures; ay Nick! [laughs]


[Royce Da 5'9":]
I'm all about my paper
Pathetic cash, I'm callin out your better half
Bet it, I'm shootin premium gas, leaded
Bet I could wax that ass without ass bettin
Now let the realness set in (c'mon) really
Bitch I'm illy, hotter than the Denaun milly
You probably happy tonight, but after I strike
You gon' need to fit your bitch with a trackin device
A Hoe-Jack, yo' hoe vulnerable like no strap
You on a (Mountain) rockin a (Broke-back)
Haha, you faggoty actin
While me and your bitch is engagin in tragedy passion
Pass me your ex
I'm tryin to hit Kim Kardashian now, and then Cassie is next
Diddy you wrong, I feel bad for Ryan Leslie
I woulda at least said (WOO!)


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